TCAT has a vision of vibrant cities with clean air, a healthy population, and a transportation system that prioritizes walking and cycling. TCAT was formed in 2006 as a grassroots coalition to give a unified voice to the many groups working for a better cycling and pedestrian environment in Toronto. In 2008, TCAT became a project of Clean Air Partnership (CAP) and now guides the active transportation work at CAP. TCAT is a respected and credible leader in active transportation research, policy solutions, and evidence-based programming within Ontario, across Canada, and beyond.



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With over 25 years’ of experience working in settlement services in Toronto, CultureLink provides innovative services and creates new programs that best respond to the needs of newcomers. With a team of 50 staff members, speaking more than 30 languages, CultureLink works to build welcoming communities and to provide newcomers with the skills necessary for bright and successful futures.



Cycle Toronto is a member-supported organization that advocates for a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all. Cycle Toronto pursues evidence-based transportation solutions and recognizes the power of grassroots community organizing to effect change.



Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank Logo smallTheToronto Cycling Think & Do Tank is a multidisciplinary research project focused on increasing cycling as a primary transportation choice. As part of the University of Toronto’s School of the Environment, the Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank is working to map cycling patterns, explore the economic benefits of cycling, and developing an integrated suite of tools for increasingcycling for transportation.