Hijabs and Helmets is a program to promote cycling amongst the Muslim communities in Toronto.

The program provides an inclusive and supportive community for women and their allies, and creates an accommodating space to learn new skills, and explore the city. 

We recognize that many visibly Muslim women navigate and face cultural and social barriers in order to engage in cycling. The program strives to make it easier for our Muslim sisters to integrate cycling into their daily lives without having to compromise their individual lifestyles, beliefs, and commitments.

With our anti-islamophobic and pro-active lifestyle framework, we aim to make cycling more inclusive by empowering hijab-wearing individuals to rightfully feel comfortable, belonged, and safe as they bike.

Have questions? Email Menna, mbadawi@accessalliance.ca and check out our FAQs below.

Program Schedule

Thursdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm

AccessPoint on Danforth
3079 Danforth Ave
Toronto ON  M1L 1A8

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I join the group if I am not Muslim?
A) Yes! This is a welcoming environment for Muslims and their allies!

Q) Do you have prayer breaks?
A) Yes! We strive to be as accommodating as possible to the lifestyle and beliefs of Muslims. We have a scheduled prayer break during our time together. 

Q) Do I have to bring my own bike or own a bike to join?
A) You can ride one of our program bikes and borrow one of our helmets. Just let us know on the sign up sheet and we will get it ready for you!


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Access Alliance’s Hijabs and Helmets program is supported by the MLSE Foundation, with a vision of changing lives through the spirit and power of sport.