Apr 27: Mini-Conference on Racial Equity & Active Transportation in Toronto’s Suburbs


Walking, biking, and other active modes of transportation are affordable travel options that contribute to improving health, creating community connections, reducing pollution, and moving more people efficiently. Yet for too long, plans for improving the convenience and safety of active transportation have overlooked the needs of racialized suburban residents. This leaves racialized suburban communities more vulnerable to the impacts of pollution, climate risk, traffic-related deaths, and diseases related to commuter stress and inactive lifestyles. 

Let’s change that. Mainstream discussions on active and sustainable transportation are shifting towards the suburbs. This creates opportunities for racialized suburban citybuilders to participate and take ownership of their narratives. 

Join us on April 27 as we hear from racialized citybuilders working with suburban communities to help them receive the benefits of active transportation. Let’s work towards building a network of transportation equity enthusiasts and increase representation of racialized, suburban citybuilders in active transportation discussions.

Event Program


  1. Challenges Faced by Racialized Suburban Residents in using Active Transportation
    – Aparita Bhandari, Scarborough Discourse
    – Shannon Holness, Toronto Community Benefits Network
    – TBD
  2. Existing efforts by racialized citybuilders to enable active transportation in the suburbs
    – Marvin Macaraig, Access Alliance
    – Darnel Harris, Our Greenway
    – Nicole Hanson, Environmental Planner & Recipient of the Mississauga Phil Green Award for Active Transportation

What will a support network for racialized suburban citybuilders in active transportation look like?


  • Event on 1st floor. 
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance to venue and to washrooms with wide stalls.
  • Gender-neutral washroom on 2nd floor.
  • Lunch included. Please inform us if you have any dietary restrictions.


Sliding scale based on income. All proceeds will go towards paying the costs of the event.