Bike Month 2020: Breaking Barriers to Biking with Marvin Macaraig

Photo Credit: Nicholas Jones. 2020.

“Marvin was attending the University of Toronto at both the Scarborough and St. George campuses when he needed to find a reliable form of transportation. For him, that was a bike. The TTC was prone to delays that were out of his control, but he found that if he hopped on his bike he knew how long it would take. It made his commute predictable and that consistency meant that he wasn’t late to his courses and meetings. 

Now, Marvin is an everyday rider commuting by bike to Scarborough Cycles. The organization’s main goal is to break down barriers to biking while striving to be the leader in suburban cycling issues. It’s a process that starts with building a culture of cycling where knowledge and expertise goes beyond recreational riding so that people are also using bikes for transportation and utilitarian purposes. He paints a picture of Scarborough Cycles as the hub of a wheel with spokes radiating as each person takes their knowledge and rides out into the city.”

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