July 8: Bike tune-ups, group ride, and garden tour, at ‘Feast in the East 63’

Scarborough Cycles will be providing free bike tune-ups and safety checks at ‘Feast in the East 63’ on Saturday July 8 from 5pm – 8pm at Prairie Drive Park.

Scarborough Cycles will also lead a short group ride into Warden Woods at 5:30pm, and a 7pm walking tour of the Prairie Drive Park Community Garden 2 hosted by the AccessPoint on Danforth’s Green Access Program.


Additional event details:

FEAST IN THE EAST is an east end music, food & art installation series.

This edition features a free Echorer Torkari (Curried Jackfruit) dinner & desert by Emily Zimmerman

Music by:

THE COSMIC RANGE (https://soundcloud.com/ideefixerecords/sets/the-cosmic-range-new-latitudes)
Toronto boggie psych big band brainchild of Matthew “Doc” Dunn featuring a who’s who corral of Toronto’s finest players including, Kieran Adams (Diana), Brandon Valdivia (NTW,NTF / Lido Pimienta), Mike “Muskox” Smith (Jennifer Castle, Sandro Perri), Jonathan Adjemian, Max “Slim Twig” Turnbull, Andy Haas (John Zorn), and Isla Craig (U.S. Girls, IC/JC/VC). Spacious psych grooves build into trance like passages where the flowing rhythm is king. Dual percussionist move effortlessly as one, while Dunn’s organ tones float over top, mingling with crunching guitar notes, and purring saxophone. Mangled guitar fuzz parades with sprinkles of electronics. This is an ensemble in constant motion, the ultimate avant groove band, bringing the deepest funk laden with a chaotic energy. Sounding half like some lost 70’s spiritual psych funk LP, and half like music for the spaceways!

LAL (https://lalforest.bandcamp.com/)
Electronc duo of Rosina Kazi & NIcholas Murray dip into trip hop territory while also pulling influence from more sobre film soundscapes, and minimalist groove movements. Murray’s production is understated, but moves seamlessly from mood to mood, as Kazi’s voice hovers and wavers above. Whispered mantras becomie minimalist techno influenced anthems. Bleeping synth lines dance with organic textures. Dark electronic tones grow into slinking rhythms.

SAXSYNDRUM (http://saxsyndrum.com/)
Montreal avant funk trio merges drums, sax & vocals with live electronic processing creating dubbed out overlays of their own groove inspired sax and percussion interplay. Curious sax notes dance with ghosts of their former selves. Squeaks & squeals become percussive tools paired with live drums & electronic pads. Vocals strain to escape, twisting from deep hymns to breathy whispers, and extended coos. Spiralling sax verses accented with drawn out angelic vocal drones. Next level!

Environs by: Camille Jodoin-Eng, Jenn Kitagawa, Alicia Nauta, Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, and Tobias Williams

All Ages
RAIN DATE: Saturday, July 15th

This Feast In The East is made possible through the support of Arts in the Parks Toronto, Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation.