Oct 5: Scarborough Cycles at Nuit Blanche

Scarborough Cycles will be a part of a Nuit Blanche cycling/art exhibit this year! We are looking for several volunteers for the event on Saturday October 5th.

Additional information:

Nuit Blanche 2019, October 5, 7 pm – 7 am
156 Borough Dr, Scarborough (outdoors)
Wheelchair accessible

“Revolutions” is a bicycle-powered rotating mural project. The rotation creates an infinite mural that spills from one artists to another. Revolutions is a participatory project, we want audiences to get involved. We need volunteers to help with cycling through the peak hours of the night, and inviting audiences to help cycle the structure. If you are 18+, love cycling and art, this is the volunteer opportunity for you!!

What a volunteer shift looks like:
You can bike, take breaks, and invite audiences to bike for short turns, making sure anyone getting on the bicycle is safe. You will be outdoors. Each volunteer shift is 1 hour (but you can sign up for more if you’d like!)

Volunteer shifts: 
8pm – 9pm
9pm – 10pm
10pm – 11pm
11pm – 12pm
12pm – 1am

To sign up, for questions or contact Monica Gutierrez (Producer) at monica.gutierrez.q@gmail.com