Service Change Announcement

Dear Residents and Community Partners,

As you know, the provincial government recently announced the cancellation of its cap and trade program. Our innovative and highly successful Scarborough Cycles project was funded through cap and trade proceeds (Partner in Climate Action funds).

As a result we have been advised by the Ministry of the Environment, Parks and Conservation, that our Scarborough Cycles funding has been terminated effective August 10, 2018.

Regardless of this deadline, Access Alliance will continue all scheduled bike hub activities until August 31, 2018, as we remain committed to all of our partners and the communities we have been working with.

We are deeply disappointed since Scarborough Cycles has achieved impressive levels of community engagement, and has had tremendous success addressing barriers and gaps in our community in such a short period. We fully understand and appreciate that this announcement affects you as well.

However, there is some good news, as we have successfully obtained funding through the City of Toronto’s, new Community Bike Hub program, and will be launching a new bike hub with similar programming in the Lawrence-Orton community in Scarborough.

As such we will endeavour to continue some bike hub programming at our previous locations however, what this looks like remains to be determined.