Spacing: Breaking down barriers in southwest Scarborough

“Scarborough was built for automobiles, this is true. Arterial roads are wide and fast, crossing distances at intersections are long, and winding residential streets are designed to keep traffic out (and at the same time this design restricts the use of these streets as safe cycling shortcuts). However, not everyone drives. TTC ridership counts point to heavily used routes such as Eglinton East (28,000 people on an average weekday), Lawrence East (33,700), and Victoria Park (24,800) (TTC, 2014), and since there is no comprehensive and detailed current walking or cycling data, TTC ridership is the closest we have to understanding how many residents are getting around without a private automobile. We know that car ownership in Scarborough is not nearly as common as what some may assume. There are significant numbers of residents getting around without cars in Scarborough. Even transit riders turn into pedestrians or cyclists when making the trip to or from the bus stop.”

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Photo Credit: Google Maps