Spacing: Thinking Bigger: Getting people moving in Scarborough

“Last week, Toronto City Council voted to move forward with the $3.35 billion (current estimate) Scarborough Subway Extension. Prior to the crucial vote, Mayor John Tory, speaking at a luncheon, defended his support for the mega infrastructure project and emphasized that the City has to “start thinking big” on transit, and that extending the subway will serve as a catalyst to help renew Scarborough and attract investment and jobs. …

We need to start thinking bigger about how we think big. Encouraging everyday cycling is often ignored yet, is a fast, economical, and proven solution to: i) reduce local traffic congestion; ii) alleviate crowding on public transit and; iii) get more people moving. In plain terms this means devoting a tiny fraction of the $7 billion transit funding described above to accelerating the implementation of the City’s ambitious Cycling Network Ten Year Plan.”

This is an excerpt from an article published in Spacing, written by Marvin Macaraig, TCAT’s Scarborough Cycles Project Coordinator. Read the full article: Thinking Bigger: Getting people moving in Scarborough